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We help families pay the least amount for college no matter what their income:

  • The 5 greatest myths about planning for college and why listening to other parents  or what "they" say can cost you big time.
  • The amazing way some parents will out their kids through college, and end up in better financial shape than when they started-even though they hadn’t saved a nickel for school.
  • The ONE single mistake 91% of all parents make that cost them thousands… and they don’t even realize it. PLUS, how YOU can avoid making the same mistake.
  • How even millionaires and parents making a good six figure income are getting tons of free grant money.
  • How to obtain a “tax scholarship” to pay for ALL your tuition—right from the IRS. 100% legal, but not one in 1000 accountants knows how to get it!
  • Why following the advice of an accountant or financial planner can cost you buckets of free money... AND, why you need to avoid the new college savings plans like the plague 

Check out this video on the top mistakes family make while planning on how to pay for college: 

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