How We Can Help

Our mission is to serve individuals and couples in all areas of retirement planning. We provide customized financial strategies to help you achieve long-term goals and enjoy a more secure retirement. A reliable strategy can help keep your family’s future protected.

Retirement assets can be exposed to four major financial risks:

  • Market Risk
  • Withdrawal Rate Risk
  • Longevity Risk
  • Medical Expenses/ Long-Term Care Expenses

We can help you reduce these risks through a wide
range of services and solutions, including:

Retirement Planning

  • In Step 1, we will meet to learn about you. Tell us about your goals. What are your current assets and holdings? How well are you positioned / balanced for the years ahead? What will your income needs be?
  • In Step 2, we will meet again to review your current position, make recommendations, and provide a comprehensive solution to ensure that you are properly positioned for retirement. Income planning, asset protection, growth, liquidity, and Long-Term Care planning are all extremely important considerations, and the proper balance is at the heart of every retirement plan.
  • In step 3, we meet again to deliver your documents to you, and review everything we have put in place.
  • You are now ready to enjoy your retirement years Worry Free, knowing you are properly balanced, and have a clear game plan in place.
  • We will check in every 6 months to a year to monitor your progress and/or adjust as needed.
  • We want to be your personal financial advisors for life, so that means we will always keep in touch.

Professional Analysis

  • How well are you balanced?
  • What are your financial strengths and weaknesses?
  • Do you have a specific need you want to address?
  • Learn about the 3 categories of money and why they are so important


  • Customized Investment Strategies
  • Risk Appropriate Investing
  • Ongoing Evaluation
  • Wide array of investment options available through Brookstone Capital Management

Life Insurance

  • Life
  • Disability
  • Long-Term Care
  • Final Expense
  • Annuities

Long-Term Care Planning

  • Plans may be individual, or cover both spouses
  • Learn about single premium plans with no monthly payments
  • Lifetime benefit available if you qualify

Estate Planning

  • Review goals
  • Inventory your assets and their value
  • Create wills and trusts
  • Select beneficiaries and guardians
  • Learn about IRA trusts and why they are important
  • Contact us to set up a free consultation with one of our Estate Planning attorneys

Know Your Risk Number

Higher returns usually means taking on greater risk and higher volatility. Are you comfortable taking on more risk for the potential of higher returns?
Or are you more conservative, and prefer to minimize or eliminate potential risks in favor of more conservative investments?
Are your current investments aligned with your risk tolerance? How much risk is in your current portfolio?

Contact us for a free, no obligation portfolio risk analysis to find out.
Click the button below to find out your Risk Score.